Duroplast Toilet Seat – Letter Type

Short Description:

Duroplast is a very durable material resembling ceramic, also called thermoplastic or UF(urea-formaldehyde resins). These seats are made of high quality fiber granules, compressed under heat and pressure in an injection moulding. Any pattern paper can be covered on surface to looks beautiful. These seats are very solid and resistance scratch, and it is very easy to clean.

Product Detail

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Material Duroplast , UF, Urea Formaldehyde
Size Cover :  44.5 x 37.1cm  
Ring : 45 x 37.2cm 
Weight 1.85kg
Hinge ABS / Zinc alloy / Stainless steel / One Botton Quick Release
Function Soft Closing / No Soft Closing
Feature  Hard surface, Scrach resistant
Very easy to clean
UV-resistant, not easy to lose color



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