Work Benches

  • Wooden Mini Green House

    Wooden Mini Green House

    Dimension fitinglids:34,5×x56,5x2cm(+/-5%)
    Dimension Greenhouse:69W×49Dx120Hcm(+/-5%)
    Product net weight approx: 9kg(+/-5%)
    Max loading:7.5kg/shelf
    Two lifting lids with lid stays and height adjustable by screws
    Without wooden side panels(whole side polycarbonate)
    Total number of single pieces:47
    Lifting lid height adjustable

    Number of iftinglids:2
    Number of side panels:2
    Number of back panels: 1
    Number of lid stays:2
    Number of doors:1(2 doors, pre-assembled as single piece)
    Number of doorknobs:4
    Number of screws:30
    Number of storage shelves:3
    Number of Wing bolt:2
    Battens per storage shelf:6

    Frame:FSC Wood
    Glazing : polycarbonate
    Lid stays: iron
    Hinge : iron
    Screws: iron
    Screws are plated
    Screws stainless: only butterfly head screws
    Weather proof impregnation
    Composition impregnation: waterbase stain
  • Foldable Herb Rised Bed
  • Raised Growing Planter

    Raised Growing Planter

    Material : FSC China fir wood
    Size : 139 cm (W) x 99 cm (D) x 20 cm ( H)
    Function size : 120 cm x 80 cm
    Color : natural wood color
    Product net weight : approx :4.6 kg
  • Plant Box With Privacy Screen
  • Wooden Tiered Planter

    Wooden Tiered Planter

    Material : CHINA FIR WOOD
    Size: 68cm (W) x 57.5cm (D) x 91.5cm (H)
    Product Net Weight :
  • Wooden Plant Ladder Stand

    Wooden Plant Ladder Stand

    Material : FSC Certificated China Fir
    Product net weight is about 4.1kg (+/-5%)
    Color : Natural Wood Colour / vintage grey
    Size: W100 x D35 x H109.5cm (=39.4x13.8x43.1inches) (+/-5%)
    Size of 1st plant shelf (inches): 9.84 x 23.62 (25x60cm) (+/-5%)
    Size of 2nd plant shelf (inches): 9.84 x 31.50 (25x80cm) (+/-5%)
    Size of 3rd plant shelf (inches): 9.84 x 39.37 (25x100cm) (+/-5%)
    Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs):
    1st plant shelf : 6kg (=13.23lbs)
    2nd plant shelf: 8.5kg(=18.74lbs)
    3rd plant shelf: 11kg(=24.25lbs)
    With improved supporting bars underneath each shelf
    Number of Legs: 4

    Material of Product (Wood, Tubular Steel, Solid Rolled Steel, etc.): China Fir wood
    Type of Finish on Product: waterbase stain
    Type of Protective Coating: waterbase stain
    Number of Coats: 1
    Weather-Resistant? (Y/N): Yes
    Rubber Non-Slip Grips on the Bottom of the Feet?No
  • Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

    Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

    Dimension lifting lids: 100 x 64 cm x 2(+/- 5 %)
    Dimension Cold frame: approx. 100 x 64 x H 40 cm (+/- 5 %)
    Product net weight: approx. 3.75 kg (+/-5%)
    Thickness of plastic window: approx. 3 mm (+/-5%)
    Loading capacity: 20kg (+/-5%)
    Inner planter dimension : 96 x 61 cm (+/-5%)
    Hinged lid :
    Dimensions : 28.5 x 2.8cm (+/-5%)
    Net weight : 85g/ pc (+/-5%)
    Metal Corner Bars :
    Dimensions : 17.5 /10 x 3.8cm (+/-5%)
    Net weight : 60g/ pc (+/-5%)

    Number of lifting lids: 1
    Number of lid stays: 2
    Number of Screws: 24
    Number if Wing Bolt: 2
    Number of corner bars: 2
    Number of side panels: 4
    Number of total pieces: 35
    Lifting lid height adjustable
    2 Corner bars for securing to the ground
    Easy assembly
    Natural wood colour with gold colour for hinge and lid stay(same with last order)
    Grey vintage colour with silver colour for hinge and lid stay

    Material Glazing : Polycarbonate
    Material lid stays: Iron
    Material screws: Iron
    Screws stainless
    Material corner bars: iron
    Material Lid hinge: iron
    Composition impregnation: water based
    Weatherproof impregnation